Sneak Peek of Chapter 6

Chapter 6 (mid-chapter)

A tap to the shoulder turned their attention to a familiar figure decked in crimson and gold. A gold band kept his wavy gray and brown hair in place while matching rings adorned his fingers.

“I do hope to have first dance this evening,” Shafari greeted them.

“Can magic-users dance?” Wisdom teased, receiving a smirk.

“You’d be surprised.” A wink to Glory. “How’re things now that you’re Prince? No trouble from the ports, I take it.”

Wisdom shook his head. “None that I’m aware of,” though the comment made Glory frown.

“You don’t think Valor would show tonight, do you?” she asked.

Shafari rubbed his curling goatee in thought. “Quite possible. But he should know better than start anything, especially here.” A smirk. “Besides, I’d hate to think of the panic two magic-users might cause if such happened.”

“So your curses returned,” Wisdom guessed.

“Pah! Wishful thinking on my part,” Shafari muttered. “No, my lad. The fire ordeal sealed away what was left of any magic I once had — something even Jenario would be quite glad of now. You know he was once quite jealous of my being a magic-user?”

“Of you? Can’t imagine why.” He grinned when Glory elbowed his side.

“Well, I hope you two have resolved any difference about magic,” she stated. “And I sincerely hope Valor DOESN’T show, because he’ll be dealing with MY wrath if he even thinks about confronting me again.”

“Sounds formidable!” Shafari inclined his head and backed away. “But I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

That look of swift anger in Glory’s eye, with the slight protrusion of her bottom lip, and Wisdom knew she was about start into a fit.

“I think you can forget about that dance,” he said, receiving a cheeky grin. Then, turning to Glory, concluded, “He didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I’m not worried about HIM!” Glory whispered harshly as they turned away from the drink section and headed across the room toward the outside balcony. The doors had been propped open to allow a breath of fresh air into the ballroom. Though the space was constantly being filled, the room never felt overcrowded.

Wisdom remembered Nicolas’ description of Luxor. While being No’va’s only floating castle, it was the only building that took on a life of its own by expanding rooms as necessary. And somewhere within, he knew several portals concealed sections of Lord Gracie’s private studies, bedrooms, and more.

To be continued…


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  1. Love it, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing!

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