Hello Book Signings!


Every writer dreams of hearing the words, “We want to represent you.”

Just didn’t think it’d come to me….

It all started with the James River Writing function hosted at the Children’s Museum. Saw some people I knew and hadn’t seen in a long while, which was great! Made some new friends, which was even more wonderul, then listened to an awesome speech by two animated authors.

Afterwords, had dinner with the owner of Agiler Writer Press. Fortunately, he already knew my work. Then popped the question about publishing. Didn’t expect anything to come of it. Didn’t even ask to be published. It started off with a print job that turned into “why don’t I represent you.” Brilliant idea! Can you get into bookstores?

“Yes.” And answers with confidence.

Goodbye self-publishing squeak. Hello book signings!!!!

Comments on: "Hello Book Signings!" (4)

  1. Bonnie that is totally awesome news! I’m so excited for you……..indeed, no more pounding the pavement and dialing the phone and stopping in at stores hoping beyond hope for some shelf space. Congratulations my friend – couldn’t happen to a sweeter or more deserving girl!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Bonnie, that is FABULOUS news. I knew someday someone would recognize your awesome talents. It sounds like your ship has come in. I hope you’re going to celebrate this weekend! Love and hugs to you!!!

    • lol, I’ll be celebrating by working all weekend. But I’m super excited. And I’m learning new avenues for building websites. Plus, someone’s giving me an incentive to build wordpress templates. Guess I’ll start with mine and see what happens. But yes mam, I need to go celebrate! *Hugs you back*

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