Potential Book Signing

I think I may have found a place that allows local authors to sell books. It’s a drugstore, but hey, it’s a nice one! May not be Barnes and Nobles, but this would work. The manager suggested I do a book signing (yay) and then if the books sell, they’d consider putting some on the shelves. Oh, I do hope so! That would be brilliant. And the best part about it is they didn’t mind if I self-published (I have to ask if they accepted that, because most places look down on it, for good reason). They’re for supporting the local peeps.

So they suggested a Saturday, which is fine. I’ll post some announcements and get into some papers to get the word out more. Then comes the nitty-gritty. Getting everything together. Should be easy, considering I’ve been to Book ‘Em several years in a row.

Looking forward to it!


Comments on: "Potential Book Signing" (2)

  1. Good for you, Bonnie, on thinking outside the box! I’d love for you to write a blog for about your approach to the drug store and how things go. It would help other authors to consider all the possibilities!

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