And then the commissions pile up again, lol! Looks like writing is on hold for another LONG while until I complete edits. I gained 40 hours of customer service this week. That hasn’t happened since 2010. Sad. But I’m still trying to get out of this mess and into something else.

I’m currently revamping Book Two “Prince”. Once that’s complete, I’ll update both the kindle and print versions. Then I’ll be able to continue working on book three, which is sounding good so far. Where I stopped, Jangus was being introduced into the story. For those who don’t know him, Jangus was sent to mark human locations, something Shy was supposed to be doing as well. But he’s trying to help his brother against the dark unicorn and how to fight back if the Healers decided to attack. Of course, he’s keeping this from his brother. That’s where Jangus will come in handy. Once he gets there….

I can’t wait for this trilogy to be complete! I have so many other projects I’d like to work on. My sci-fi books, my western fantasy series. Come on, Muse! What’s up with you? And here we have my favorite author Trish Terrell working on her….15th….16th book? Seriously! But then again I’m sure writing is her full-time job at the moment. Mine isn’t. Yep. One of these days….


Comments on: "Soon as this second reading is done…" (2)

  1. Some day your books will be in demand, Bonnie, and you’ll be writing full-time if you want to! It can be a tough business but also extremely rewarding.

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