Book Revamp

It’s been a year or so since I first entered the story with my young character, seeking answers to what he is and where he came from to explain his magical talents. Now that I’ve revisited his world, it’s time to make some changes. Not that the story was bad. In fact, I could barely put it down! And I would hope that whoever has picked it up has had the same experience.

But now the compromise. I see errors. What an odd feeling. What a yucky feeling. How much did people pay to see those? That’s not good at all… So that’s why it needs revamping. The first half of the book was great. The second? Mostly spelling mistakes. And that’s far and in between. The rest are things I’d like to either reword or just take the time to make a better appearance in the printed version.

Why did this happen? Is it because I self-published and skipped all the major steps that big companies take? Absolutely not! In any case, they got missed. It’s an eye-sore, I’ll admit, but it doesn’t make the story bad. Just the writing. That’s why the fix-it stage has to come soon. I’d like the next free kindle version to include the new updates in book one “Wisdom”. You can read the chapters and my posts below for other updates. It’s been a great uphill climb, and I’m not about to let it fall!


Comments on: "Book Revamp" (2)

  1. Very interesting post today, Bonnie! I do believe as we mature as writers, we sometimes cringe at earlier works. It means we’re getting better and honing our craft.

    • Do you ever wonder sometimes if maybe we wrote better in some books than others? It’s a very weird feeling I get sometimes, like another person wrote it and not me.

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