The reality when you’re published is that not everyone is going to enjoy reading what you write. I certainly came to accept that long before making it available to the public. It’s every author’s dream to make it big! Mine is written for the YA audience. I have a lot of characters, complex plots, and I enjoy leaving it up to the reader to discover the world they’ve stepped into. I don’t spell everything out right away, making it a mystery to what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Some books have a complex government system. Mine doesn’t have that. In a nutshell, the population of humans have existed less than a century. Each settlement has its own leader that impliments rules passed down from the Grand Master (not a big factor, as it’s only mentioned in book 3). This makes the beginning of Wisdom Novels mainly focus on the major characters. It doesn’t mean I won’t plan for future law enforcements down tne road. I already have an idea in mind.

Since the series is a work in progress, I may tend to go back and tweak a few things in the beginning books to help flesh things out a bit more. So please bear with me for those who have enjoyed what they’ve read so far. More updates soon!


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