One of the things I started noticing was that kids were drawn to my display. They seemed to be drawn to the colors of the books and the little figurines I’d placed around the table.

I thought it was adorable, and then was very surprised when parents would pick up the book and say “Okay, we’ll read this at bedtime.”  How awesome is that?!

Except parents might need to explain a little more, because they’re really meant for young adults. But hey, that’s fine. One thing I like about my writing is no profanity. Maybe the occasional “damn” but that is far and few between. I do expect a little romance in book three.  But it’ll be low key. Nothing crazy. Something to satisfy the adults while playing around. Plus, I’m introducing a twelve-year-old back into the mix. You think I’d let my characters romp naked while a child is sleeping nearby?? Okay, it’s a medieval novel, but seriously?

This goes back to why parents accepted book one over book two. The story does start with a ten-year-old. However, keep in mind that by the end of the story, it’s ten years later. And there’s an issue with slavery, and bad parenting, and assassins…oh, and thieves.

The kids will love it!




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