I’ve added an interactive map on the homepage of to help with location and other story details from the books. I actually used to have it and then removed it to apply updates. I simply forgot to put it back. But there’s a new location on the map called Ember Isles. This particular spot is supposed to be a series of islands that can be seen from the shoreline. When I initially drew the map, I had not planned on anything other than open water around the land masses. So the map is actually too small to add more locations at the moment. Eventually, I’ll have to reconstruct it to show more.

Ember Isles is a location for Fire Healers, shape-shifters who control the element of heat and flames. I debated over how technical to deal with their abilities. I wanted something fairly realistic. I really do not like how some magic-users throw out a hand and sparks fly from their fingertips. Because fire doesn’t move like that, I don’t expect these Healers to try that method. So I’ve decided upon body movement to be their main way of control, almost like they’re dancing with the flames. Their skin would have a special oil that’s heat and burn resistance. How nice would that be!

Fire Healers are also the strongest of any elemental users. A little lost? Yes, I’ve decided to advance the race of Healers by adding in elements. Currently, our main hero in the story (Keith, later known as Master Wisdom) is considered a Land Healer. Earth is the the element to respond to his magic. This is only slightly mentioned in the first book, called Wisdom, but will be a big deal later on in the series. I plan to write in elements of Water, Air, and the lot.

Of course, you’ll have to wait… because this won’t happen until book five. Sorry!

So what’s up with book three and four, might you ask? Well, book three is when all hell breaks loose! War. Death. Destruction. What else?

No, seriously. Although I don’t like epic wars because I think they can get overrated, this one is needed as a major turning point to draw the races together in order to strike back against the Dark Unicorn. So don’t worry. I promise not to disappoint.

As far as book five is concerned, I thought I’d travel back into the past to write about the first four humans entering the world. How they arrived, and why… that, to me, would be pretty interesting. Because then we’d get a chance to see why Jenario takes the route he does to create the Dark Unicorn. Why the need for power when the people are already your loyal followers?




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