Book ‘Em at Lumberton, NC

I had a such a wonderful time in Lumberton, NC this weekend. The people were so friendly. Thanks to Trish Terrell, who organaized the Book ‘Em event, everything went smooth.

For those who aren’t familiar with Book Em, it’s a free book event and open to the public to promote literacy and stop crime. Proceeds go to various programs to help achieve this goal.

This year, the event was held at Robeson Community College on the first and second floor, from 9:30am – 4:00pm. Authors displayed their books on long tables throughout the hallways. It was a huge hit! I saw people loaded down with books, so I hope that all the authors received some sales for the day.

I love attending the Book ‘Em events! I’ve gotten to know quite a few authors this way, and I even made some new friends. Since I’m also an illustrator, there’s some possibility that authors may need future art. There were a few authors that had a few covers I’d previously done for them, one of them fairly recent: a CD cover for author Dirk Robertson. Such a terrific guy! I love his Scottish accent. His short story was presented on a CD, called Black, Watch, & Tartan. Then there was Jean Keating. Her book, Love’s Enduring Bond, featured a romance-themed illustration. And, of course, Trish Terrell featured Songbird’s Are Free and River Passage, two historical book covers I’d worked on for her.

I’m very proud of my work!

This year, Trish and I shared a table. We were settle near the main doors, so our table was pretty much the first one you see when entering the main hallway. Trish’s books were selling like hotcakes! Since I never know about what crowds are looking for, I only brought about 20 books his year.  Within a couple of hours I had hit my first sales. By lunchtime I was done to 13, and by closing time I was sold out! What a great way to end the day!

To those who bought books, I hope you enjoy. I’ll try to keep the blogs updated as much as possible with new artwork and writing. For those who were looking for book one and I was sold out, you can reach all the links through my main website: 

I hope to see everyone again next year! Have a happy, productive writing day and safe travel home!


Comments on: "Book ‘Em at Lumberton, NC" (2)

  1. Bonnie, it was great sharing a table with you! I saw a picture of your table display on your blog post of February 27 – it didn’t look like that for long – I noticed your books were sold one right after another until you completely sold out! That was awesome to watch happen. It was a fabulous day because of all the wonderful, friendly authors; the awesome, helpful volunteers; and the dedicated, interested attendees who all converged on Lumberton this weekend! Everyone is already talking about next year!!

    • Yes, it was quite awesome! I didn’t expect that at all. The one thing I did hear from a good majority of the authors was they still wished we were all together in one room. I kind of wished it too because it’s easier to keep an eye on your table while visiting around. But hopefully, the turnout for next year will still be as big with potential buyers and authors.

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