Story Overview “Healer”

So the good thing about going to a writer’s group is to get new insights on how to build up writing and outlining the story. My third book was giving me headaches because I knew this was the last book in the trilogy and everything needed to add up – and make sense! With the most action and most characters I’ve ever written about, I was certain this was going to be a pain to outline. To my relief, Agile Writers introduced some topics to keep in mind while planning. I used those topics to write out whole summaries of what I thought might happen. Then when I wrote the actual outline for the book, I just had to break up the sentences into chapters. It was perfect! Thanks, Agile Writers!

Here are the topics I used:

1) Prologue (if you have one)
2) Inciting Incident
3) Change of plans
4) Main character conflict
5) Point of no return
6) Decline
7) Death or disappointment
8) Climax
9) Resolution

I thought about what the most inciting incident would be. Frankly, there’s a lot of scenes I could have picked, but I ended up choosing the scene when Wisdom (main character) travels to the land’s only floating castle. He believes he’s only come on account of an invitation. Now the change of plans come into play. Wisdom is taken to a back room and shown something that could help stop this growing Darkness created by the first black unicorn. This scene brings about the main character conflict, dealing with his arch nemesis (black unicorn). It was difficult to decide what the point of no return might be.  But after I figured in a scene with the unicorn trying to steal the secret of its destruction, setting off a chain of other events, it was pretty clear from this point forward Wisdom was doomed to follow in the path laid out for him. Decline. There’s so much decline. I see it as everything going downhill for our hero. His one goal was to bring his kind and humans together, and now they’re fighting each other. How do you stop that? Death of disappointment could be several things: the death of friendship, a false ending to a battle in which the character believes he’s just won, or a fake hero’s death. It’s got a little of everything here. The climax? Ooh! I can’t tell that one! And then you have your resolution. Happy go lucky ending, yay! But, of course, I added one extra topic. That’s the epilogue, and it’s not so happy…



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