Next Trilogy?

I debated on this one. Originally, I was going to have the main character (Wisdom) trek across the land in search of champions. These champions were selected by the unicorn Osha, sister to the dark unicorn. They already know they’re selected and await the coming of the one whom they will follow to help defeat the dark unicorn.  This was going to be book four, called Champions.

Then I came to a crossroad. What was book five about? I know book six is the defeat of the black unicorn. So what was going on with book five? I felt like I didn’t have enough material to work with to create another trilogy. So after some consideration, I came up with this:

Throughout the first trilogy, the reader gets a chance to meet the first four humans to enter the land of No’va. I always wondered where these humans came from and how they entered the land. Well, I thought book four could take a step back in time to explain this. It would also explain why one of the humans decided to create the dark unicorn in the first place, and would lead up to the current situation going on in book five when Wisdom needs to track down his champions. I guess it’s weird to dig into the past four books into the story. Lord of the Rings sort of did this with their intro of how Gollum was created. Now maybe they didn’t make the whole movie a prelude, but I feel it might add more depth with mine. It would still show shape-shifters and harpies, but how they met. One issue that comes to mind is that the human settlements in my story are less than a century old. Yet there are full sized castles they live in. Typically, this takes years to build. So I’m thinking some form of magic helped create these places.

Anyways, this is a ways off from now. I’m only two chapters into book three “Healer”. Got a long ways to go!


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