Ever wonder what to do with short stories that never got published? Well, I decided to take two of my longest stories (between 8-10 pages each) and publish them to the Kindle for people to download, as separate downloads. I always believed in these stories; they’re different, and it’s just rotting potatoes sitting on my hard drive. I also signed up for the KDP select program and offered them free for the first five days. Now, if you’re like me, you’ll search the internet for a free copy and chances are you’ll find it. But if you’re also like me, I like my kindle and want to be away from the computer as much as possible while reading.

The first story story is a Western Fantasy (think very down-to-earth spell casting but without all the fancy lights) The magic is the coat and the weapons.

Weapons Casters Short story series #1 “A Partner in Crime”

The second short story is a deals with an elemental-user called an Ember Mage named Wick. What if you had to guard a secret literally with your life?

The Lock Keeper

I also love designing book covers! The text was great fun, and I already had the artwork for it. The cover art for the Lock Keeper isn’t exactly the same character, but it’s still within the same element. Plus that character was created based off the Lock Keeper.


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