Developing “Healer”


While preparing his people to invade the human realms, Chronicles has a flashback when his kind actually worked side by side with humans. Back then, he was not the leader of his people. His father was, but instead of passing it on to the son, it was passed to another named Windchester.  This always puzzles Chronicles, because he never understood his father’s disappearance. His people are a race of shape-shifters, Nature’s guardians and balance-keepers, called Lo-ans’rel, but humans know them mostly as Healers. Chronicles has taken Windchester’s daughter as his mate, who is already carrying his child. Greverlend, his mate, has a message from her father that Chronicles shouldn’t be concerned that their kind is also taking humans as alternative spouses, for their numbers are already low. But what Chronicles is really concerned with is a heavy shift in the balance of Nature’s energy. He’s wondering if the mixing of bloods has upset something in Nature. As he’s talking with Greverlend, they feel a shift in energy beneath them. Greverlend spies smoke through the trees. Since fire is their weakness, Chronicles tells her to get as far away as possible. Chronicles only knows that Windchester has been dealing with an issue in the human realms. Now their forest home is on fire, and no one knows why. Chronicles stays to help anyone in need, but quickly gets caught up in the smoke and flames. He’s told to leave and when he does a line of flames cuts across the clearing. On the other side of the flames, he sees a black unicorn. For a fleeting moment he realizes why Windchester would help the humans, because such a creature would destroy both races. When the flashback ends, Chronicles goes back to preparing his people to invade human territory. He doesn’t understand what he’s seen, and quickly disregards it.



Wisdom receives an invitation to Lord’s Gracie’s place, the land’s only floating building known as Luxor Castle. Luxor has been around since before Wisdom’s time. When he was a slave, he traveled to it by way of flying horses pulling a carriage. He remembers looking out over the land, with Nicolas sitting across from him. The two had narrowly escaped death after a storm broke apart the carriage. Wisdom had become One with Nature’s power, giving him unlimited access to her energy (as long as he provided something in return, mostly his blood). Now, Wisdom takes several people along with him, believing he’s only been invited to an annual festivity. His brother Shy, Glory, and several clan members travel by carriage. Those that can fly or shift, such as Wisdom or his brother, might travel on their own. Megas is a White Wing who always leads the horses through flight. The animals are high-spirited and prefer listening to his commands. When everyone arrives, Wisdom is united with old acquaintances. He sees old masters he used to work for (some of them not good). He makes a comment that the first three of four humans to enter No’va are standing right in front of him. The three are silent a moment, for they know who the fourth is and why he’s missing. It’s Jenario, the one who has created the dark unicorn. While Wisdom is busy, Glory decides to look around and see if her parents have been invited. Who she encounters instead is Valor, the man her parents originally wanted her to marry. Valor still wants her, but she refuses to talk to him. She tries to go back to Wisdom but can’t find him, and Valor won’t leave her alone. Eventually, someone intervenes. It’s Wisdom’s grandfather, Providence, who is Chronicles’ missing father. Wisdom has known his grandfather was here and knows the reason for his absence in the family. Providence was ashamed for falling in love with a human and having a child. That child was Chronicles, who is a half-breed. Ironically, it was Chronicles who drove all the half-breeds from the rest of his kind in attempts to keep the original members pure. Providence accompanies Glory and tells her that Wisdom will return shortly. Seeing someone with her, Valor finally mingles elsewhere.


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