So Disappointed…

I just got my printed proof copy for book two. I’m not a happy camper. Let’s just say I should have looked at this before releasing the Kindle Version. Three mistakes in just two pages? Are you kidding me? I’ve proofed up to chapter 5 and I’m seeing something nearly on every page. Oy! I hope I don’t lose credibility with readers! I had a lot of compliments on book one. Prince! You’re not living up to your name!


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  1. I feel your pain…..proofing out own work is “catch as catch can” at best. The mistakes in David’s Bridge still bug me but I’ve always hoped the story pushed readers THRU the minor errors (although I know they are distracting). Your story will pull people through those too Bon – if this is your proof anyway, you’ll be able to fix them for the printed version. Hey – we do the best we can!!

    See you soon!

    • That’s the good thing about ebooks. I just upload a brand new version and in seconds it’s updated, lol. The print can wait a bit longer.

  2. I’ll be happy to proof it for you. I’m good at that.

    • Thank you! So far it’s mostly minor stuff. However, I was reading last night and swore up and down that I’d changed a whole paragraph and went hunting through my drafts to make sure I didn’t upload the wrong version! Long story short, I ended up just typing in a few lines and changing to reflect the character’s emotion a bit more.

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