Chapter 1 Notes

So I posted what could be a completed chapter, except I think I’ll continue with a different scene showing Wisdom’s brother and his companion.

Shy and Chanté  are  friends who have traveled together from Crystal Valley, but not because they wanted to. Shy is heir to the Lo-ans’rel family. At the request (or rather, command) of his leader and father, Chronicles, Shy and Chanté have journeyed into the human realms to locate Wisdom. Shy’s task is to locate human locations and learn from his brother, then dispose of him and return to prepare his kind to eliminate the human race. However, Shy does not wish to do so. Instead, he’s found his brother and wants to learn the ways of humans so that he can fight against his father, or at least stand up to him. His brother is a great inspiration for that.

At the moment, Chanté is pretending to be one of Wisdom’s servants. He’s the son of Rusha, from the White Wing clan in Crystal Valley. They harpies live in the trees overtop the clan of Healers, also known as Lo-ans’rel. The young harpy came on Shy’s behalf, but tries to convince Shy that he needs to warn his brother about Chronicles’ plan.


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