The Life of a Story

The life of a story.

It begins. It runs its course, then it ends. Then what? Does it trudge on to the next story in a continuation, or does it get reborn as a different type? A different character? A different situation? A different…life?

A story is a wonderful possibility. It calls attention to points in a person or thing’s life that takes away the stress of the everyday grind. To read something fresh tears open the blinds of imagination and lets visions soar.  It reaches to the void of our deepest desires, lulling the need to feed on truth, on fantasy, and sometimes lies. A story is a freedom to express ourselves. In our minds, we comprehend what our tongues fail to say. The brain is much faster, smarter. It envisions what stories tell. We see…and believe.

A story is the thing of the past. It is our future and full of history. Listen to what the ancient had to say. How they started, it was naught but spoken. Eventually, it became written. Now we have stories that will be remembered for generations to come. Everyone has a st0ry to tell. No matter how short. No matter how long.

At the end of along journey, our minds relish the closing of a good tale. The start of another is at hand. Thus, the life of one story ends. Another begins.

What will  yours be?


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