Up ’til now, we’ve seen the current situation between Healers and humans, harpies, and the Black Unicorn. Now we take a look into Chronicles’s past, right before his kind separated from humans.



Question: What was Chronicles like before the divide?

Response: We definitely see a softer side to him in the beginning of “Healer”. You see Keith’s mother, Greverlend, and how he treats her and tries to protect her right up to moment this sudden energy or spell alters everything. From the last pages of Book Two, we knew that it was Shafari who cast the spell but not really the damage that it did. Well, now we’re about to see this damage, what it does to the people and what it does to the land. And according to Nickademis when Keith was asking about the spell, it changed the way humans thought. And it’s quite possible that it also changed the way Healers thought as well. That’s why we see him harden into the person he is today.

Question: Do you think being a half-breed has anything to do with his behavior?

Response: I don’t think it bothers him too much, as far as the limitations it presents upon himself. He’s still One with Nature. I think his problem is he sees a lot more being born and believes it’s a direct connection with the way Nature is reacting, especially with the shift in magic and chaotic energies being thrown around.

Question: Do you think he believes his child might be a half-breed too, so that’s why he lets Greverlend leave?

Response: It’s possible. But it could also be the spell affecting his thoughts as well.



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