The Harma ‘Keyarx

A look into a harpy’s life:

Readers’ first look into the ‘Keyarx lifestyle centers around a Black Wing half-breed by the name of Corrigan. It’s when he accepts an invitation to live with Jenario in the human realms that brings about the realization that humans look to harpies as part of a money-making business for slavery.


Excerpt from novel:

Sunlight warmed the tops of the tree homes, built lovingly to survive harsh weather and constant swaying. Here, Redwood trees were thick with sturdy limbs to support the added weight, while larger leaves sheltered against rain and summer heat. Connected to each home was a bridge. Cleverly concealed by intertwining branches and leaves, the bridges provided safe crossing from one home to the next, and served as a perfect location for a clan of Harma’ Keyarx.

The door to the central home opened, and a White Wing stepped out. A soft tuft of down sprouted from his chin to resemble a beard. Dark markings around the face gave his kind more of a bird look rather than human, while their bodies were much smaller for the sake of flight. He paused to stretch each snowy wing before crossing the bridge to a balcony. A few of his kind already lay basking in the sun, their wings spread to soak in its warmth. They observed their leader as he stood quietly in an elegant, gold robe. Clothing was not a necessity, and most of his kind preferred not to look so much like humans. After all, humans were responsible for enslaving them. The clothing was just a reminder. Now and then the leader’s wings ruffled in silent anger.


What makes up a harpy?

All harpies have long talons on each of their fingers and toes, with various markings depending on bird species covering the face, shoulders and down the arms. Dubbed by humans as “harpy-wizards”, ‘Keyarx are a race of half bird, half human that differ according to what bird species they derive from and wing color. The most notorious are the White Wings, about the same size as humans, with pale colored feathers and a creamy underside. While fruit and vegetables satisfy the appetite, the occasional diet of beetles and various other insects act as dessert.

Unlike the pale-skinned White Wings, Black Wings retain a rust-colored flesh with either black or dark colored wings that help blend into shadow while hunting through dense Redwood forests. Black Wings have a tremendous appetite for flesh, and will go after anything that moves, including their fair-skinned cousins. Their size compared to humans are three times bigger, with a wingspan to match. Though mostly solitary hunters, a single Black Wing can tear through a large group of people with ease.


Excerpt from novel:

The leaves on the trees grew thick, concealing one whose dark wings blended well within the shadows of the forest. Patterned markings across his forehead and down the cheeks meshed with his dark covering, and he tapped a taloned finger with impatience on the bark, its rich russet coloring nearly matching his skin. Broad and buff, the wings folded only slightly. He was alone…and hungry.

Sharp eyes of amber caught the faint movement of a squirrel plucking an acorn. Unaware of any danger, the small rodent scurried along the branch, its prize tightly held by its sharp teeth. After finding a suitable place, it took the acorn in its paws, rotating it several times while its teeth nibbled away the shell.

Silent wings opened as the Black Wing dove into flight. Like a hawk descending from above, his coming attack reflected in the squirrel’s black eyes for only a moment. Then it was over. After gliding to the ground, he nestled in a small clearing surrounded by a protective covering of underbrush to satisfy his hunger.




Comments on: "The Harma ‘Keyarx" (4)

  1. Hi Bonnie…..your characters are always so interesting and beautifully described. I should think they are quite fun to draw as well…bird-like characteristics are always a good touch – who wouldn’t want to fly if they could? Nice!

  2. I agree with Pam. It must be great fun to develop the type of characters you do. And then bringing them to life through your beautiful illustrations is just more evidence of your talents!

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