Name: Chronicles
Race: Lo-ans’rel (shape-shifter)

What’s it like to be this particular character?
Chronicles has this…negative outlook on things. When you’re first introduced to him, you get the impression that’s he’s a real jerk. I think deep down he tries to be a good leader. He tries to do the right thing for his people. But it’s hard, you know. It’s hard because you don’t really understand why he thinks so negatively about humans. He doesn’t want any contact with them. He wants them eliminated, and I think he even calls them ‘flies’ at one point – ‘humans breed like flies.’ That’s what he says. He’s not really the type of fatherly figure either, and actually I believe he’s so cold in the beginning he doesn’t know how to be one.

Do you think there’s a message readers could learn from this character?
That’s a tough one. There’s so much potential here. You could literally branch off into multiple messages with this. But if we’re going to pick just one, I’d have to say ‘not to judge a person before you get to know them.’ This is seen a lot when he speaks about humans, and especially when he meets his oldest son for the first time. The son, you see, has been with humans all this time. He hasn’t had any training whatsoever, and Chronicles is one of those perfectionists. Everything is either perfect, or you’re not worth the time of day. He judges his son like this. He judges the harpies like this. He pretty much sees a very different world where humans don’t exist. And that’s what he tries to aim for.

How does this character impact the storyline?
Believe it or not, Chronicles actually plays a final step in closing the gap between his kind and human relationships. So for the final book, instead of destroying humans like he planned, he winds up saving them. Oh, was that a spoiler? I guess I won’t tell you how then. 

Does the character have any weak points in the story?
As opposed to a physical weakness? Yes, I suppose he does. I think when he tries to separate the clan into two types, pure-bloods and half-breeds, he sets himself up for failure. I can definitely see him getting banished from the clan somewhere down the road.

Final question: do you think the story would be any different without him?
Oh, absolutely! Who else would you have play a leader trying to keep his people safe from a tragic past, while using them at the same time, to get the answers he needs in order to do it? You gotta’ have someone who learns from his mistakes and tries to rectify things.

Well, that’s all from me. And as say in the language of Lo-ans’rel “Ave-enté” which means “farewell”.


Character from Book One, “Wisdom” – – by Bonnie Watson




Comments on: "CHARACTER INTERVIEW" (2)

  1. This is really wonderful Bonnie!What a fun way to “give life” to your characters . Lets us get to know them in a very different way and each “voice” will be so unique. Way to go! Congratulations on a very clever blog series. wonderful Bonnie

  2. I agree. I really like having the background to the characters. It provides a whole new dimension to the book, helping to bring it alive.

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