The Lo-ans’rel

The Lo-ans’rel are a race of shape-shifters serving Nature as her loyal guardians and Healers. In return for keeping the balance between plant and animal, Nature grants them energy for various purposes: shifting, healing, and other magical abilities. This energy is eventually returned to Nature when Healers die.

When I initially came up with the race, I had wanted something that translated in a created language which meant the same in Common (English). So I created a language by rearranging the alphabet so letters could represent another word. By combining small amounts of Latin words, Lo-ans’rel translates into “Healer”.

The Healer plays an important role throughout the storyline, and they’re not limited to one particular type. Shifting depends on the type of Element they acquire from their first shift. In Blue Moon Rising Trilogy, only Land Healers are mentioned, but starting the second trilogy Red Moon Rising, we’ll take a look into Water, Air, and Fire.

Creating a new race in a fantasy world, for me, is better than using something already from another person’s mind, such as Elves, Dwarves, etc. Originally, I had wanted an Elf to be the main character, but I thought Elves were overused in Lord of the Rings and other books. For this series, I wanted something different.

Lo-ans’rel have a few characteristics that stand out in their true forms. Unless you look closely, most Healers resemble humans. Their ears, however, resemble that of a wolf and have brownish fuzz at the tips. The eyes are brighter than humans, giving them a nickname of “jewel eyes” from some (different storyline). Depending on the magic, some eyes glow when magic is being used, or if a Healer detects illusion. True Healers are tall and slender. But those who have been touched by Human’s blood are called “rift-raft” or Rift-wizards. Humans do not know the Lo-ans’rel title and sometimes refer to them as Shift-wizards.

Healers can live for several centuries, and often retain a youthful appearance throughout their long lifespan. But gradually, Nature begins to withdraw her energy. Once this happens a Healer has to rely more on his/her own inner willpower. Of course, only when the process of aging starts to show does one realize Nature has withdrawn.


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