Creating Wisdom

When I created Wisdom, I didn’t have a clue what to do with him…

White hair, the ability to use magic, this sort of symbolic character that stood between the powers of Light and Dark – I didn’t even bother looking at the beginning of his life until after I’d filled two cabinets with written works as well as a 200 page novel. In the year 2001, I took the first three pages from the book and started another, this time focusing on the main character’s childhood rather than his adult years. There were questions that needed answering, and this story was the perfect answer.

Why is the character albino? What limitations does he have involving magic, and where does it come from? Does the harsh childhood he receives shape him into the adult he grows to be? If he’s not entirely human, what race is he and where is his kind now? How does a growing Darkness to the north affect the storyline?

I realized as a child, the character should have a more simpler name than Wisdom. As the story evolved, Wisdom became a nickname obtained toward the end of the first book, but becomes a regular as evolvement with the issue of slavery threatens to damage his reputation. Thus Wisdom is used more frequently in his adult years, and welcomes a change of title as Prince of the Eastern Clan.

So, a story that originally started with no particular plot, becomes one that involves the first Dark Unicorn, the upset in the balance of Nature, and the fight for survival in a world where settlements have been around less than a century.

Wisdom, Book One of Blue Moon Rising Trilogy, by Bonnie Watson –


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