The Characters

Jenario wants nothing more than to become a true magic-user. His decison to defy the balance of Nature to obtain magic puts a race of shape-shifters at risk of losing all connections with humans.

Keith is only ten-years-old when an assassin slays his parents, and he embarks on a journey in a land not entirely settled, as humans have only been around less than a century.


Corrigan (left) is a half-breed Black Wing, a solitary creature who enjoys fresh kills and meets up with both Jenario and Keith during his decision to seek his captive mother in the human realms. To Jenario, Corrigan is a gem for studying purposes, and ends up using the Black Wing to spy on young Keith when he’s suspected of being a shape-shifter.

Nathaniel, huntsman in the service of Jenario, is as good of a tracker as he is a drinker. It’s only when the Black Wing fails to bring in a desired specimen that Nathaniel readies his blades for the hunt.

Glory, a spoiled girl who tries to run from all her problems. She encounters Keith during an outing, spurring a possible love interest, which seems to grow during the course of the story. To not forget one another, they each exchange a gift: a ring to Keith, and a feather to Glory.

Osha, a unicorn who approaches Keith with an urgent message concerning her twin sister, and to give him something that will protect both him and herself from Darkness…


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